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Global Group Insurance Brokarage is a full-service risk management and insurance brokerage offering client-specific commercial insurance products and services to select industry risks working around the world. For 25 years, Global Group Insurance has teamed with firms actively pursuing and engaged in both commercial and government contracts to provide them with optimal risk management plans at competitive prices. Our unique business objective is to act as an insurance concierge to our clients, providing them with outstanding products and personalized service – all while lowering their risk exposure and expenses, resulting in both increased profitability and peace of mind. All programs are written with A-rated insurers at highly competitive premium rates.

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Providing Specialized Commercial Insurance Products to Select Industry Risks across the Kuwait and Around the World

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Member of the Executive Team /CEO

The know-how of our specialists combined with the wide-ranging expertise of our group as a whole ensure that clients receive the best possible support for their insurance coverage requirements. Only in this way are individual solutions possible and therefore achievable.


Member of the Board

I find it fascinating to be able to see how our company develops and grows over time. Even after all these years, I still find being able to accompany this process as a member of the advisory board to be very interesting. Our long-standing collaboration benefits both our customers and our employees.


Office Management/ Executive Assistant

The best way to prevent things from working poorly is to do more of what works well. That means we only do what is best for our customers.


Finance & Controlling/Manager Group Finance & Controlling

As Manager Group Finance & Controlling, above all else, I benefit from working flexibly with the different people in our group. I enjoy being responsible for the whole group and working together with the teams at our various locations.


Special Lawyer for Insurance Law

For me, the GLOBAL GROUP stands out because of its friendly and personal working atmosphere. In managing our expert team in the area of claims, I learn each day anew that there are far more than just standard solutions – and that also applies to our staff team. Our team and our culture are characterised by their flexibility and high degree of personal responsibility.


claim Management

The biggest developments in companies never come from just one person. They come from a team. I am glad to be part of the GLOBAL GROUP and to be able to develop further in the team all the time.


Group CFO

We aspire to be the insurance broker with the most efficient and professional financial, IT and human resources processes - to create value for ourselves and for our customers.